Save Temple Cowley Pools & Fitness Centre!

The Campaign to Save Temple Cowley Pools & Fitness Centre!

David Haye adds his support to the Campaign!

We were delighted to hear that another athlete has added their voice to the Campaign. Our thanks to Salman and Faisal for contacting their friend, world famous boxer David Haye, who immediately endorsed the Campaign to keep Temple Cowley Pools open. And thanks to the Oxford Journal for carrying the story. Click the video below. And more details to follow - watch this space!

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If you are looking for the SaveTCP Community Interest Company, putting together a bid to take over operating Temple Cowley Pools & Fitness Centre, click HERE to go to those pages.

If you are looking for information about the Campaign generally, you are in the right place - keep browsing and welcome!


Now into our fifth year of campaigning, with massive continuing public support - the City Council wanted it shut over two years ago, but you have all helped keep it open. We only have until October 2014 before the Council plans to demolish our centre, Temple Cowley Pools needs everyone's help NOW.

The Save Temple Cowley Pools Campaign has been fighting since 2009 to keep open the Temple Cowley Pools & Fitness Centre in Temple Road, Oxford, condemned to closure by Oxford City Council.


We have huge support across Oxford to keep the centre open, including the first petition that reached over 12,000 signatures before we stopped - the largest in Oxford, simply ignored by the administration. We've continued with a succession of petitions that show people's frustration with the City Council. Petition number 7 was debated at the Council meeting on 14th April.


Oxford City Council want to close Temple Cowley Pools and the existing Blackbird Leys swimming pool and replace it with only a non-Olympic, 25m swimming pool next to Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre. There are lots of reasons why we think this shouldn't happen, and we continually find evidence that supports keeping Temple Cowley Pools open.


It simply doesn't make sense to build a new swimming pool for what will be over £13m in a place where there's no evidence of demand, when £3m will refurbish and improve both Temple Cowley Pools and the existing Blackbird Leys pool. Temple Cowley Pools continues to be extremely popular despite the Council deliberately running it down to try and put people off.

As of May 2014, the Council has continued to defy public opinion, is pressing on with building the new pool and is planning to close Temple Cowley Pools early in 2015. The Campaign continues, focused on keeping the Temple Cowley Pools Leisure Centre open. Successful in nominating TCP as an Asset of Community Value, we have demanded our Right to Bid and now have until October this year to put a proposal to the Council to take over the centre.


Please browse these pages for lots more information and background, particularly the blog. Send us an email at for any questions, comments and/or to add your name to our email list.

We also appear on Twitter @SaveTCP (see rhs of this page for our Twitter feed) and on Facebook


Get involved! We remain an active Campaign focused on keeping Temple Cowley Pools open beyond the (current) planned closure date of early 2015. The Council needs to be constantly challenged because it is determined to get its way and is continually putting out information that we demonstrate time and again is a combination of MISLEADING, INACCURATE, INCOMPLETE and UNTRUE.

We meet every Sunday evening,     7-8 pm at the Karma Restaurant, 152 Oxford Road, just round from TCP - please come along and help keep Temple Cowley Pools open!
Karma Restaurant, 152 Oxford Road, Cowley, Oxford OX4

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Come and see us at the Family Day, St Gregory's School, Sunday, 10th August...

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We now have an online petition on the international campaigning site 38 Degrees. Go there NOW and sign to show your support - click HERE

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