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The Campaign to Save Temple Cowley Pools & Fitness Centre!

Demolition Diary

This is the page we didn't want to have on our website. 20 months after closure, and with the Planning Application about to go through approval, the Labour controlled City Council has decided that Catalyst should proceed with demolition. We can only call this a vindictive destructive act. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to demolish now. After such a delay, what difference would it make to anything to wait until after the planning process completes? If Catalyst get their permission from the Council, they pay the Council £3.6m and get on with building. If Catalyst fails, there is no demolition cost (£750k of our money) wasted; the community could still work with the Council to bring the site back to life and benefit the 40,000 local people directly affected by closure.

Anyway, watch here - or visit the site and see for yourselves and tell us what's happening. Latest update will be on the front page of the website, linked to here where we have previous days. This is not what anyone wants, except, for reasons known only to themselves, our Oxford City Labour Councillors - if you do see them, ask them why they wanted this senseless destruction of a community asset.

Wednesday, 17th August 2016: The senseless, vindictive destruction continues:
Monday, 15th August 2016: Pictures from today - please spread these as widely as you can on social media to show what the Labour-controlled Oxford City Council is doing against the wishes of the people it is supposed to represent.

Friday, 12th August 2016: Demolition has started on the outer buildings at Temple Cowley Pools.  The Labour-controlled City Council is forcing this demolition through before the Catalyst Planning Application has been decided, committing £750,000 without knowing the outcome.

The City Council own the Temple Cowley Pools site; a Freedom of Information request revealed they told Catalyst Housing last year to demolish the building; why is the Labour Leader Bob Price now telling the public something different?

The Council can stop this demolition work immediately; the community want their health and fitness facility back.
Wednesday, 10th August 2016: the demolition team have been on site today, carrying out preparatory work with Thames Water as well as other activities. Here's a view of the site. Remember this is a building that the whole community has told the City Council and its Labour councillors that we want kept open. There is nothing wrong with it, and the community would operate the site profitably at no cost to the Council. Our plans including a fully validated business case, would redevelop the gym and changing areas to incorporate a cafe, large community space, treatment rooms. We would also develop social housing, providing an innovative community hub. The Council would rather see this:

Tuesday, 9th August 2016: Well, we were waiting for something to happen - now is everyone's chance to make a difference. The Labour controlled City Council has told Catalyst to demolish Temple Cowley Pools as soon as possible. We believe the demolition will start this week. The Council told the public they had nothing to do with demolition. THEY LIED. The Council is responsible, and the Labour Councillors must be held to account for their actions. Despite their denials, we have evidence that the Council instructed Catalyst to start demolition. They can also tell them to stop.

Please, two things you need to do as soon as possible:

Demonstration - if and when the demolition starts, there will be a demonstration at Temple Cowley Pools. We will need as many people there as possible. Please come down if you can. We will email everyone, also put it on Twitter and the website as soon as we have a day and time, but it may be very short notice. Keep checking emails and @SaveTCP (on Twitter), #savetcp. If you email [email protected] with your phone number, we will call you.

Write - to the City Council Chief Executive Peter Sloman ([email protected]) and the Labour City Council Leader Bob Price ([email protected]). Ask them to stop Catalyst (under the Council's instruction) demolishing Temple Cowley Pools now, and wait until after the outcome of the planning application that will come to committee soon.

The Council believes that destroying Temple Cowley Pools means we will stop the Campaign. WE WON'T! They are responsible, and they will have to rebuild the centre or provide an adequate replacement. Please email us with ideas and any help you can offer. The Campaign will carry on.

Thanks, as ever, for all your support

The Save Temple Cowley Pools Campaign Team