New Temple Cowley Pools & Fitness Centre!

The Campaign for a New Temple Cowley Pools & Fitness Centre!

On March 8th, 2017, the Catalyst Housing Planning Application came to the East Area Planning Committee. Over two years since the City Council closed Temple Cowley Pools, and 6 months after the Council instructed Catalyst to demolish the TCP building, still in good condition.


Thanks so much for everyone who managed to come to the meeting - fantastic to have so much support.

Absolutely no surprises about the result, as we anticipated. The Councillors voted 5 Labour for, 1 Green against, going with the officers' recommendation to support the Catalyst Planning Application. We are considering our options, as there are clear and obvious planning and procedural reasons to challenge the decision.

View the whole show trial below. Unfortunately we are not allowed to video the public area, so can't show the support, but you can definitely hear it. And our thanks to Horns of Plenty for adding a surreal touch to proceedings :-)


Finally, the Planning Application to develop the Temple Cowley Pools Site comes to the East Area Planning Committee. This coming Wednesday. Be there if you possibly can to show your support for keeping the site for health and fitness, and a focus for the community.

There are lots of reasons to refuse permission on planning grounds (these are the only ones that the committee can use for refusal). But remember Labour made a POLITICAL decision to close Temple Cowley Pools; Labour decided that the community COULD NOT take over and operate the centre at no cost to the council; Labour decided to close the centre in December 2014 when Temple Cowley Pools could have been kept open until now; and it was Labour's explicit instruction to demolish Temple Cowley Pools in summer last year, before the planning application was heard and so preventing any chance of the community taking control.

And, Labour chose Catalyst to develop the site - the deal is that the Council get £3.6m if the Labour-controlled Council approves the planning application.
Obviously no conflict of interest there then!

This is the public's opportunity to see Labour councillors ignore the wishes of the public and vote through their own scheme; we know the format - t the start of the meeting each councillor will declare they are acting on their own behalf and independent of their party, and then the Labour councillors will vote to approve the Labour scheme. This is not right, and it is not fair on the 40,000 people in the Temple Cowley area who can no longer walk or cycle to where they want to exercise,