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Cowley Carnival 2016 - More Support for SaveTCP!

Posted on July 15, 2016 at 3:45 PM

The Campaign was out in force on Sunday, 10th July for our usual attendance at the Cowley Carnival. A brilliant day out demonstrating what's best about the community cohesion in Oxford. It started all very dismally, with overcast skies, buffeting winds and pockets of rain dumping on the stall holders. But as the day progressed we moved into bright sunshine before the heavens opened with a torrential shower of rain just as it all finished.

Star of our show this year was Blue Dog, our new mascot who's found a home with the Campaign. Apart from being Blue, he doesn't have a name, so we're open to suggestions. He made two appearances, the first with the opening parade of 100 dogs, and then later in the main procession itself. He made a great impression on the public, being greeted, patted, cheered and clapped all the way down the Cowley Road. And a great attraction afterwards at the Campaign stall in Manzil Way.

We were there, as usual, to remind the public of what's been lost because Labour councillors on Oxford City Council voted to close Temple Cowley Pools in December 2014. The building is still there, despite the City Council instructing the developer to demolish it. And demolition looms, and could happen any time. And we were there to collect signatures for our latest petition, number 9, and ask people to send in objections to the planning application that would replace a vital part of the Temple Cowley fabric with a development that would be twice the permitted housing density.

Our thanks go to:

- the many people who stopped by the stall, spoke to us about the Campaign, and found out how Temple Cowley Pools could be run by the community at no cost to the Council, if only Labour would let us.

- all the people who signed the petition - coming soon to the City Council to force them to debate their disastrous decision to close TCP once again. This is the Labour legacy, a decision that will haunt them for years and mask all their claims to greatness - a decision that has adversely affected 40,000 people in Oxford, a quarter of our population

- all the people who said they would send in an objection to the planning application. At the time of writing this blog, there is still time for anyone to put in an objection. See the page on the website for help.

- all the people who kindly made a donation - everything gratefully received, including the girl who unprompted emptied her purse with all its pocket money into the goldfish collecting bowl. It's very touching, and brings home just how much people of all ages feel cheated by the City Council, who should be looking after the health and fitness of all of us.

- everyone who supported the Campaign and Blue Dog as we worked our way down Cowley Road.

We were astonished at the very obvious and palpable embarrassment shown by a number of Labour councillors, as they were confronted with their decision to close Temple Cowley Pools - they seemed very disturbed to be reminded of what they had done, and the far-reaching consequences that have affected so many people.

On the other hand, we appreciate Cllr Linda Smith who visited our stall and asked what she can do to help matters. We look forward to meeting her and discussing exactly what could be done.This is the first time any Labour councillor has actually approached us in this way - we will report back on what happens.

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