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Democracy 6, Council 0!!!

Posted on October 12, 2011 at 1:05 PM

Another big show at the Council meeting on Monday - a brilliant address by a member of the 'Town Green Fourteen' defending his group's application for Town Green Status for Blackbird Leys Park, which would stop the Council building the proposed new pool. More addresses from us, and our latest petition gets debated. And an unexpected 'own goal' by the Labour Councillors.

The video of the whole meeting is available on the council website:

There are three sections of video. If you don't want to sit through the whole thing, you can catch up at various points as follows:

Video Part 1

Brilliant address by William Clark of the Town Green Fourteen. Robust defence of the Town Green application. From 31 mins 49 secs on the video. Democracy 1 Council 0

Support for the Town Green Application from a TCP Campaigner, pointing out that (a) the Council slurs that the Town Green application is a tactic by the Campaign is untrue, and (b) Council propaganda spread around the press about how football would have to stop is also completely false. From 41 mins 10 secs on the video. Democracy 2 Council 0

Update on the Save TCP Campaign, highlighting the Council deficiencies, how they have lied to councillors and the general public, and yet again asking the question - why spend £9.5m of our money on a 25m non-Olympic swimming pool in a place where there's no evidence of demand, when £3m will refurbish and improve both Temple Cowley Leisure Centre and the existing Blackbird Leys Swimming Pool? And the Big Announcement - the Campaign is taking the Council to Court, to Judicial Review! From 46 mins on the video. Democracy 3 Council 0

And then a commentary from another Campaigner about how the Council has squeezed the public's ability to speak to the council to almost nothing as the Campaign has challenged the evidence, time and again, and demonstrated that whatever the Council has put out is a combination of misleading, inaccurate, incomplete and untrue. This was particularly relevant, as the Council wanted to change its constitution yet again, this time so that any public addresses in future had to be handed in TEN DAYS before a meeting! From 52 mins 10 secs on the video. Democracy 4 Council 0

And then something remarkable happened. Whether embarrassed by the address, or thought of in advance, the Labour Leader immediately announced that he was striking out the ten day notice and other restrictions from the constitution changes. Could this really be Democracy in Action? We will never know.

Video Part 2

Our latest petition, over 2,600 signatures, calling on all labour councillors to resign and stand again on the single issue of saving TCP (or not) got debated. See our intro and the debate itself from 38 mins 30 secs on the video. Democracy 5 Council 0

So that's "5" to the Campaign - the "own goal" by the Labour councillors came during the petition debate. You may not be able to see this completely on the video, but Labour treated the whole thing as a big joke. They laughed at how members of the public could possibly think they should resign. They said that the petition was only a small number of voters and didn't carry any weight. Democracy 6 Council 0

Well, the voters chance to give their verdict will come, in the local elections next May. Only three seats keep Labour in power - YOU can make a difference this time, by not voting Labour. And your 'not vote' will save TCP.


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Reply Nigel
4:01 PM on October 13, 2011 
@ ChelseaGirl, Tim: Whatever you do, vote! If you vote Labour, there will be no change. If Labour lose three seats, then the opposition can keep TCP open. So vote anything except Labour!
Reply ChelseaGirl
2:55 AM on October 13, 2011 
Spoil your paper.

You could do things like writing across it "save tcp" ...see links.
Reply Tim Burgess
7:51 PM on October 12, 2011 
Thanks for the update Nigel.
You clearly, and understandably, don't want the labour administration voted back in. Who should I vote for to save TCP? Or should I not vote at all?