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Peggy Seeger - Queen of Folk and Campaign Supporter!

We are honoured that Peggy Seeger, renowned worldwide as folk singer and activist, supports our Campaign. An Oxford resident, Peggy used Temple Cowley Pools regularly before the City Council closed it. She has contributed massively to the Campaign over many years, speaking at Council, benefit gigs, and appearing at demonstrations and collecting petition signatures. AND, composing the Campaign song. Peggy has provided us with help, support and inspiration - THANKS PEGGY!

Signing the Petition at Templars Square - with Peggy Seeger!

Peggy Seeger (2nd from right) with Campaigners at Templars Square, Cowley on Saturday, petition in hand ready to engage with the public. A overwhelming positive response for a great lady - renowned as the 'Queen of Folk', Peggy became well known with Ewan McColl - everyone knows the song 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', which was written by Ewan for Peggy. A tireless campaigner for justice and human rights, Peggy wrote and performed the Campaign Song with members of the community. Still performing, see Peggy's website for more information

Saturday, 14th January 2017. What a brilliant turnout! We were out campaigning in Templars Square earlier today, sharing the latest information about the Save Temple Cowley Pools Campaign and enabling the public to add several hundred more signatures to our petition.

Our latest petition, number 9, demands that Oxford City Council rebuilds the health and fitness amenity lost when the closed, and then in the middle of last year ordered the demolition of, Temple Cowley Pools. Over 40,000 people, according to the Council’s own figures, are no longer able conveniently to walk or cycle to where they want to exercise, forced instead to travel by other means outside the area.

And more and more people are putting in objections to the Planning Application by Catalyst Housing, which would see the Council coffers increase by £3.6m in return for permission to build on the site at twice the permitted housing density.

At the front of the team today was our very own Peggy Seeger, renowned as the Queen of Folk and a long-term supporter of Temple Cowley Pools. An Iffley resident, Peggy regularly swam at Temple Cowley Pools until it was closed by the City Council in December 2014. Our thanks to everyone who turned up today to sign the petition, discuss what’s happening and show their support for the Campaign.

Member of the Campaign, Nigel Gibson, commented, “It’s great to see such interest and enthusiasm for rebuilding Temple Cowley Pools. Everyone is clear that Blackbird Leys is in a different area, and the closure of three pools (Peers, Temple Cowley, Blackbird Leys) by the Council has swamped the other centres, that now struggle to cope with the additional numbers forced to go to these different locations. Temple Cowley Pools should never have closed, and the Council is obliged by its own statutes to provide a replacement in the same area – Temple Cowley. There are very good planning reasons why the Catalyst Planning Application should not be approved, and we are ready to take the site over at no cost to the public purse to rebuild what should never have been taken away.”